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2017-06-05 Summer School GAIIA, Thessaloniki, Greece

Summer School GAIIA, Thessaloniki 5-9 June 2017

The body and gestures play a primordial role in everyday activities. From a young age, people develop sensory and motor skills by interacting with the world. Over time, they accumulate experiences and enrich their abilities. Their body is transformed, allowing them to express, communicate and interact with the environment. New enabling technologies contribute to a deep understanding of this interaction, through the capturing of movement, modelling, machine learning and analysis, as well as the transmission of artistic or technical gestures. Continue reading 2017-06-05 Summer School GAIIA, Thessaloniki, Greece

2017-01-06 Les Tablettistes – Ottawa, Canada

Panel: The Magic of Imagination – Les Tablettistes 2017

It’s my pleasure to run the panel Under the Spell of Possibility: The Magic of Imagination during the Event Les Tablettistes on January 6th 2017, at the Cité collégiale of  Ottawa in Canada.


Under the Spell of Possibility: The Magic of Imagination

The year was 1973 when the celebrated writer, futurist, and inventor Arthur C. Clarke proposed his third law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Fast-forward 43 years to the present day and it’s abundantly clear; we’ve boarded the magic school bus. With platforms from AR to VR, our new reality is constrained only by our ability to imagine it. Innovative content creators are doing just that, imagining new environments to immerse us in a world of their own creation.

Jade Raymond, EA
Ernest Webb, Minority Media/Shoolû
James Milward, Secret Location
Jean-François Jego, Université of Paris 8

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2016-10-31 MeMuMo Workshop – Moscow, Russia

Following the conference I presented in 2015 at the Moscow State Linguistic University Centre for Socio-Cognitive Discourse Studies (SCoDis) (Laboratory PoliMod), I’m organizing a workshop this year about gesture acquisition in realtime and annotation with linguist.

MeMuMo: Methods in Multimodal Communication Research – New recording methods for motion capture – Kinect

Leaders: Jean-François Jégo & Dominique Boutet. Languages: English (French available)


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2016-09-23 DIG workshop – Paris, France

Journées d’étude D.I.G :
La Dynamique Interactionnelle du Geste “Making sense together”


CIGALE : dispositif artistique d’interaction gestuelle avec un avatar (ARTS H2H)

Dominique Boutet, Marion Blondel, Coralie Vincent, Judith Guez Jean-François Jégo
22, 23 Septembre 2016
Laboratoire SFL
CNRS, 59 rue Pouchet 75017 Paris


Jeudi 22 septembre (salle 159)
09:30-10:30 Conférence invitée : Ronald Poppe, Utrecht University “On the Description and Detection of Bodily Interactions”
10:45-11:45 Présentations courtes suivies d’une table ronde :
● Sarah Fidili Alaoui, “Applying Laban Movement Analysis to craft movement in Digital Art and Human Computer Interaction”
● Annelies Braffort, “MOCAP1 : Corpus de Langue des Signes Française en capture de mouvement pour des études pluridisciplinaires/ A motion capture corpus for French Sign Language for pluridisciplinary studies”
● Valeria De Luca, “De nouveaux horizons sémiotiques pour l’étude du geste. Le cas du tango argentin /New semiotic horizons for the study of gesture. The case of Argentine tango”
11:45-12:30 “Typannot : un système glyphique pour la transcription des langues des signes / a glyphic system for the transcription of sign Languages”
14:00-15:30 ICI: De L’Improvisation Conjointe à l’Interaction / From joint improvisation to interaction (ARTS H2H)
15:45-16:45 Présentations courtes suivies d’une table ronde :
● Carla Fernandes, Vito Evola & Joanna Skubisz “Qualities that count: Social cognition and collaborative coordination in a conceptual dance improvisation”
● Vito Evola, Joanna Skubisz & Carla Fernandes “Performance mode under the microscope: A cognitive semiotic analysis of eye gaze and other body movements in a contemporary dance improvisation exercise”
● Tommi Himberg & Klaus Förger “Social eMotions: Perception of emotions from contemporary dance”
17:00-18:30 Performance invitée : Joao Fiadeiro, “Anatomy of a decision: Introduction to Real
Time Composition”
18:30-19:30 Discussion finale
Vendredi 23 septembre (salle de conférence)
09:00-10:00 Conférence invitée : Satinder Gill, TBA
10:15-11:30 Présentations courtes suivies d’une table ronde :
● Fanny Macé, “De la démonstration praxique au dire en montrant : aperçu de la palette sémiotique qu’offrent, en contexte, l’action et la simulation d’action/
From the praxical demonstration to saying by showing: A sketch of the semiotic pallet contextually offered by action and action simulation“
● Clarisse Zarvos, “Interaction entre les gestes, la collectivité et l’épidémie /
Interaction between gestures, the collectivity and epidemic“
● Sandrine Eschenauer, “Apprentissages performatifs des langues : le rôle de l’expérience esthétique / Performative language learning: The role of the aesthetic experience“
11:30-12:45 Laboratoire du geste, Institut ACTE équipe EsPAS “CORPUS VIVANT : protocole
pour une performance heuristique”
14:15-15:15 Conférence invitée : Patrick Healey & Nicola Plant, Queen Mary University of
London “Embodiment as a Resource for Inter-subjectivity”
15:15-15:45 Eryn Rosenthal, “Relationship Building, a performance / experiment”
16:00-17:30 CIGALE : dispositif artistique d’interaction gestuelle avec un avatar (ARTS H2H), Dominique Boutet, Marion Blondel, Coralie Vincent, Judith Guez Jean-François Jégo
17:30-18:00 Clôture

2016-01-17 MOCA – Taipei, Taiwan

I presented my work at the MOCA Taipei on January 2016, here is the description in Chinese :)

2016/1/17  台北當代藝術館

「知了:比手畫矯」互動藝術工作坊 (已結束)

主講者 :
陳珠櫻 CHEN Chu-Yin, 法國巴黎第八大學教授
Jean-François JEGO, 法國巴黎第八大學講師
Judith GUEZ, 法國巴黎第八大學後博士生
研究合作單位 :
Paris 8 University laboratories INRéV & SFL, CNSAD of Paris

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2015-11-18 CODES – Paris, France

Conference: The Digital Subject 2015 CODES

International Symposium:
The Digital Subject 2015: Codes / Le sujet digital 2015 : codes

The coupling of digital code and user interface, on screen or through the internet may very well be the emblematic apparatus of our times, the predominant way in which we convey meaning. Contrary to other modes of producing meaning, the digital apparatus entails tremendous underground work, mostly encoding and tagging content in view of its archiving and display. At the core of all this stands the production of meta-data, both through automatic processes (time, size of file, format) or deliberate choice (keywords, integration in tree-structures). Beyond its technical use, meta data has thus come to organize our access to knowledge and memory, bearing heavily upon our relation to history. Continue reading 2015-11-18 CODES – Paris, France