Interactive theater: Quand le soir tient le jour enfermé

This « obscure poem » was rediscovered by Pascal Quignard after having been forgotten for centuries, last remembrance of the Greek poet Lycophron. This 3d-century BC poem tells the mysterious prophecies of the one who was called crazy, in a condensed and sensitive language.

This opening will present the first stage of a work on a man-machine interaction plateform, through an avatar communicating by gestures. The moving scenery, a monumental digital projection on the set and the actress, is combined with spatialized sound immersing the audience in Lycophron’s obscure poem. Gestures are generated with a genetic algorythm, and the whole set is generated by computer and evoles with the voice of the actress.



Thursday, June 5th 2014 8:30 pm
Théâtre 95, Allée du Théâtre, Cergy-Pontoise, France
RER Line A3 Cergy-Préfecture

Free admission by reservation:
01 30 38 11 99

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With: Clara Chabalier, Venia Stamatiadi
Real-time scenography: Vicky Bisbiki, Judith Guez, Jean-François Jégo
Real-time sound creation: Vicky Bisbiki
Assistant director: Thomas Morisset
Dramaturgy: Jean-Loup Rivière
Duration: 45 minutes