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Residence x Performance @ Salle maxi, Stereolux, Nantes

Mixing on stage motion capture of Kalaripayat with Kathakali theater and live motion capture of the dancer


Photos: Emmanuel Valette

Coordinator-Director: Anne Dubos
Performers :
Marta Rosa (Dance) and Shyne Tharappel Thankappan (Kalaripayat performance)
Creative directors:
Judith Guez (motion capture, real-time visual effects, scenography)
Pierre Gufflet (real-time visual effects, scenography)
Jean-François Jégo (real-time motion capture, visual effects, scenography)
Lightning designer: Emmanuel Valette
Photopraphy: Emmanuel Valette, Thomas bachelier
Production: Stereolux Nantes, INREV lab. Université Paris 8, Juin 2015