Interactive theater: IAM4Mime, le paravent


A 20 minutes mime performance that immerses the audience in a magical world made of shadows. IAM4Mime is a theatrical performance with a mime artist, which uses a folding screen as an interactive projection screen. Behind this moveable structure, the mime artist interacts with real and virtual objects and an interactive figure.

This show is a collaborative work between the contemporary performer Dimitri Rekatchevski from notable mime school Marcel Marceau and for the stagecraft and technologic parts, Adrien Gentils, Florian Girardot and Jean-François Jégo from the INREV lab and the Arts et Technologies de l’Image department, Université de Paris 8.



Artistic content Prize,, Concours International 3D3, Cultural contents, Le CUBE Issy, France 30-10-10
1st prize and invitation at SIGGRAPH 2010, Concours SACD, USA 24-07-10 to 29-07-10

More information

Pantomime interactive, France, 2010, 18’00, pas de dialogue
Réalisation : Adrien Gentils, Florian Girardot, Jean-François Jégo, Dimitri Rekatchevski
Mime marceau : Dimitri Rekatchevski
Production : lab. INReV, Université Paris 8