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2017-09-25 INTERACT 2017 & UBISOFT – Mumbai, India

Designing Gestures for Interactive Systems: Towards Multicultural Perspectives Workshop of the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT 2017 , September 25-29, 2017, Mumbai, India. The workshop will be held on Sept 25 or 26 2017 in Mumbai —- Workshop also held at UBISOFT Pune:

Conferences Virtual Reality

2017-06-05 Summer School GAIIA, Thessaloniki, Greece

Summer School GAIIA, Thessaloniki 5-9 June 2017 The body and gestures play a primordial role in everyday activities. From a young age, people develop sensory and motor skills by interacting with the world. Over time, they accumulate experiences and enrich their abilities. Their body is transformed, allowing them to express, communicate and interact with the […]

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2017-01-16 Think tank GAIIA, Paris, France

THINK TANK GAIIA – GESTE ET INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE DANS L’ART ET L’INDUSTRIE Le Think tank GAIIA (Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Arts) organise une rencontre le 16 Janvier 2017 à MINES ParisTech 60 Bvd Saint-Michel, 75006. L’inscription gratuite mais obligatoire.   Le corps et le geste jouent un rôle primordial dans toute activité […]