2015-11-18 CODES – Paris, France

Conference: The Digital Subject 2015 CODES

International Symposium:
The Digital Subject 2015: Codes / Le sujet digital 2015 : codes

The coupling of digital code and user interface, on screen or through the internet may very well be the emblematic apparatus of our times, the predominant way in which we convey meaning. Contrary to other modes of producing meaning, the digital apparatus entails tremendous underground work, mostly encoding and tagging content in view of its archiving and display. At the core of all this stands the production of meta-data, both through automatic processes (time, size of file, format) or deliberate choice (keywords, integration in tree-structures). Beyond its technical use, meta data has thus come to organize our access to knowledge and memory, bearing heavily upon our relation to history.
Paris 8 University / Archives nationales

code    — contemporain    — self technologies    — code    — mémoire    — attention    — intelligence    — numérique    — sujet    — trace



Cigale project: Motion capture & interaction with artistic, co-speech and expressive gestures

Dimitrios Batras, Marion Blondel, Dominique Boutet, Chu-Yin Chen, Fanny Catteau, Judith Guez, Patrice Guyot, Jean-François Jégo, Marie-Hélène Tramus, Coralie Vincent

Typannot project

Claudia S. Bianchini, Dominique Boutet, Claire Danet, Patrick Doan, Timothée Goguely, Morgane Rébullard

Moderator Julie Chateauvert


International Symposium: The Digital Subject 2015. Codes / Le sujet digital 4 – codes
November 16-20 2015
Paris 8 University / Archives nationales