Conference: “User-Defined Gestural Interaction: a Study on Gesture Memorization”, IEEE 3DUI 2013, Orlando, USA

Conference by Jean-François Jégo, with Alexis Paljic, Philippe Fuchs – Mines ParisTech, during IEEE 3DUI 2013, IEEE 8th Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, 16th & 17th March, Orlando (FL), USA.

This study is about the memorization of user created gestures and is motivated by two application cases for which user specific or dedicated interfaces are needed. The first one is applications for people with limited sensory-motor abilities for whom generic interaction methods may not be adapted. The second one is creative arts applications, for which gesture freedom is part of the creative process.

In this work, users are asked to create gestures for a set of tasks, in a specific phase, prior to using the system. We propose a user study to explore the question of gesture memorization. Gestures are recorded and recognized with a Hidden Markov Model. Results show that it seems difficult to recall more than two abstract gestures. Affordances strongly improve memorization whereas the use of colocalization has no significant effect.

Long paper available online: